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Mini Band Show Archive

Mini Band played a lot of shows. This is a detailed list of said shows:


Sat 8/27/05 Mill Party | Shushan, NY
With Sentai, The Mathmeticians, and many more. Great all day festival in upstate NY. We were excited to play with Mathmeticians again because they are so great live, and awesome people. Mike was very excited to see Sentai, having heard great things and loving Black Eyes... They did not disappoint.

Fri 8/26/05 Merlin's | Buffalo, NY
Can we just say how much we love everyone in Buffalo? 'Cause if we can say it, we will.

Mon 8/15/05 Warehouse Show | Tucson, AZ
Thanks for getting us on this last minute show Bradford!

Sat 8/13/05 Redroom | Tucson, AZ
Bradford is a friend from West Chester, now he lives in Tucson. He asked to use a mini guitar to play a portion of his set. Very few people get that honor. You're the best Bradford.

Thu 8/11/05 The Hole | Clovis, NM
This was a very rowdy show. Thanks Clovis!

Sat 8/6/05 Guessing Games Headquarters | Collinsville, IL
This show ruled. We played with The Morning Pages who were very good.

Fri 8/5/05 Highland Tap Room | Louisville, KY
There was some trouble while retrieving information for this show. Probably crime related. Try again later.

Sat7/30/05 The First Mushroom House | 128 Willow St. | Kennett Square, PA
Sometimes you play a show in a historic mushroom house. Also starring: Portable Folk Band, and Critter.

Sat 7/23/05 Micah's House | 1215 Wood St. Unit. #1 | Philadelphia, PA
With the incorrigible Stucco Lobster Breadbox. These guys are the best guys. The amount of fun we have playing with them is immeasurable.

Thu 6/16/05 The Cosby | West Chester, PA
Another awesome basement show. Thanks to the Danger O's for being awesome and promoting the hell out of the show.

Fri 5/20/05 Sacred Grounds | 9300 New Falls Road | Fallsington, PA
Sacred Grounds always rules. Good job being a place for kids to see shows.

Wed 5/11/05  The Fire | 412 West Girard Ave | Philadelphia, PA
with Girl in a Coma and Amy the Rat.

Sat 4/30/05 The Illuminata | 155 Main St. | Dansville, NY
Jesse is awesome. Nick is awesome, too. We had lots of fun.

Fri 4/29/05 Mohawk Place | 47 Mohawk St. | Buffalo, NY
Second show with The Trashcan Sinatras today. Good stuff.

Fri 4/29/05 New World Record | 765 Elmwood Ave  | Buffalo, NY
This was an in-store thingy. We played some acoustic songs that we don't normally play. They went pretty well.

Mon 3/28/05 The Barber's Hall | 1402 Oxford St. | Philadelphia, PA
w/ Oh My God! It's a Sea Monster!

Sun 3/20/05 City Park Pavilion | Parkersburg, WV
w/ Monet Madrid Madagascar, The Java Bombs, Terror Vs Terror, Privates, David Bello

Sat 3/19/05 St. Albans Brickhouse | St. Albans, WV
West Virginia.

Fri 3/18/05  Menoher Fire Hall | Johnstown, PA
w/ Elementary Thought Process, A Brand New Jersey, Soundrive, Static Transistor

Thu 3/17/05 Vampire Mountain | Pittsburgh, PA
A house show.

Sat 3/12/05 Curly's Coffee |  131 Route 101A | Amherst, NH
w/ The Jonee Earthquake Band, The Rydells, Mid-Step Crises, Nobody's Heroes

Fri 3/11/05  Country Club | Peterborough, NH
Lots of fun. Snow storm. Our new band name is MINI BANK.

Wed 3/9/05  House Show | 138 Willard St. | Burlington, VT
w/ Kiss Kiss

Mon 3/7/05 The Fuze Box | 12 Central Ave. | Albany, NY
w/ The Mathematicians

Sun 3/6/05 King's Tavern | 241 Union Ave | Saratoga Springs, NY
w/ The Mathematicians, Parwana, and The Sixfifteens

Sat 3/5/05 Hamilton Rod & Gun Club | 24 Hamilton Road | Sturbridge, MA
w/ American Business Machine, Adria, Kervin, and The Skeptics

Sat 2/26/05 The Cosby | 704 Lenape Road | West Chester, PA
Our CD release show for Burn Your Maps & Wander Around. L'Dorado, The Teeth, and Portable Folk Band all joined us for a wonderful night.

Thu 2/10/05 The North Star | 2639 Poplar St. | Philadelphia, PA
An evening featuring Alvin Likes Apples, Fuck With The Bull; Get The Horns, and Chromelodeon. The chef wasn't in, so we couldn't get those delicious quesadillas, but the rest of the night was great. All of these bands are worth your time.

Fri 2/4/05 East End Cafe | 270 E. Main St. | Newark, DE 
This was the first time we played the East End in a while. It was good, but now Mike and me (Shelly) were sick. Mike couldn't scream (into the microphone) as much as usual. We still had a blast. And Jeremy showed up!

Thu 2/3/05 DC 9 | 1940 9th St. NW | Washington, DC
I (Shelly) was sick as shit for this show, but I still had a good time. We took some fine folk down to DC with us (all of our friends who weren't sick as well), and The Spinto Band and Semaphore put on a good show.

Fri 1/28/05 Sacred Grounds | 9300 New Falls Rd. | Fallsington, PA
Definitely a good first show of 2005. We got to sign a jacket, and we gave out some demos with new recordings on it. Other bands on the bill were Lexington Down, Tea Berry, and Kelly Bartch.


Fri 12/31/04 The Cosby | 704 Lenape Road | West Chester, PA
Probably the best new year's I've had, for sure. Spinto Band is the best.

Wed 12/15/04 The Pontiac Grille | 304 South St. | Philadelphia, PA
Thanks friends for coming out. Sorry about the technical difficulties. I'm glad you guys enjoyed the functioning portions of the show. See ya next time!

Wed 12/8/04 Silk City | 5th & Spring Garden | Philadelphia, PA
with/ The Thinking Machines and Bear is Driving.
This was a good rock show!

Wed 11/24/04 The Lower Paxton Youth Center | 100 Elmwood Drive | Harrisburg, PA
w/ Pure White Evil, Cigarette Sideburns, Stucco Lobster Breadbox, and Jura
The one and only Harrisburg, and the one and only Pure White Evil. We apparently missed a set by Stucco Lobster Breadbox, which was a bit upsetting, but we were stuck in traffic/lost/etc., so there's not much we could've done about it.

Tue 11/23/04 Piano's | 158 Ludlow St. | New York, NY
w/ Marlin Drixan, Grey Kid, and Overnight

Fri 11/19/04 Curly's Coffee | 131 Route 101A | Amherst, NH
w/ Grand Theft Borrow, Jonee Earthquake, The AT, and Othello Dreaming.
The first two bands, Grand Theft Borrow and The AT, were jazzy/jammy.. it was good stuff. Jonee Earthquake was some pirate looking dude playing guitar, oh hell yeah. Othello Dreaming Venice was some damn good indie/pop/piano/violin/guitar/drums stuff. I wonder if they're still in high school. I forgot to ask. We stayed with Pat again (of a Record of Nightmares fame). After the show, Mini Band + Pat + Sid went to Denny's. About half the other kids from the show were there, too. After that, Pat, Chris & Mike went into some old abandoned factory. They can tell you about that. Their clothes were dirty when they got back in the car. Back at Pat's now.. it was around 2:30 or so.. I went to sleep. Around 7:30, I woke up to the smell of breakfast. We had pancakes & cereal, and I found out that Chris, Mike, and Pat were up till around 5:30, so they only got 2 hours of sleep. In spite of the lack of sleep, we left for home around 8:45am... we hit some traffic and stopped for some condiment packets, so it took about 7 hours.

Wed 11/17/04 The Common Ground | 25 Elliot St. | Brattleboro, VT
The dudes that collectively own this place are really into bikes, so there's this "community bike" thing. Chris was really excited when he heard about this, and wished we had something similar back home. They fix bikes, build bikes, and have this thing where bikes just sit outside for public use. Anyone can take one for a spin and just bring it back. Sometimes people steal the bikes. Fuck those people. But back to that night - we were served squash soup (made by Rich) and bread. Good good stuff. The guy that opened up the show played guitar, harmonica, and hoola hoop. Very interesting. There weren't many people watching our set, but the ones who were there seemed to dig it. We stayed with Ian.

Tue 11/16/04 Coffee Camp | Plattsburgh, NY
w/ The Eccentrics
That shit was awesome. The Eccentrics opened up with a variety of punk, metal, and power death songs. They also sported multiple mohawks.
We hung out a bit with those folks and their friends after the show. Maria made some hummus. She gave me the recipe. Then we went to a bar that had $1.50 pitchers of bad beer. We stayed with Jay O and Tavish, both of whom are extremely nice and interesting individuals. When we got back to their place, Jay O made us some sort of black bean casserole. We got fed really well this day.

Mon 11/15/04 The Fuze Box | 12 Central Ave | Albany, NY
w/ Boyskout, and Ladykillers
The Fuze Box is set up really well. It's normally a dance club, and normally playing in a room like that might be weird.. but it was really slick there.

Sun 11/14/04 The Bug Jar | 219 Monroe Ave | Rochester, NY
w/ L'Dorado, Please Club, Tungsten 74, Seven Head Division
Nothing but nice people. It was our last of 3 shows with L'Dorado. We saw a rad band from Rochester called Seven Head Division and a crazy band from Brooklyn called Tungsten 74. There were 3 touring bands on a 4 band bill, though, so the turn out wasn't so hot... but everyone still had a good time.
We ventured back to Syracuse to sleep for the night 'cause those guys are fuckin' super.

Sat 11/13/04 Mohawk Place | 47 East Mohawk St. | Buffalo, NY
w Concubine Forming, and L'Dorado
after we woke up at Joe's apt. in syracuse, we were all fed amazing pancakes. we loaded out equipment and headed for buffalo. we decided that i need to gamble and that chris needed condiment packets, so we hit up canada real quick before the show. i lost 15 bucks on black jack and shelly won 20. chris got a ketchup packet with french on it.

we got to mohawks place and piled our equipment in the corner. chris and i went out to get some 40's. then we returned and watched l'durado. they played really well and the sound guy did a good job with the mix.

next mini band. we played a real fun set. songs i think we played well: question, like a simile, reply and demand, comrade, and a new song (i haven't yet put lyrics to it).

then concubine forming played. they played well and had a real decent crowd. the three of us bands definitely fit well on a show bill together.
post show- back to dan, J, and vic's for chillin' and sleeping.

Fri 11/12/04 Manville | 311 Euclid Ave. | Syracuse, NY
w Manville and L'Dorado Our show in Syracuse was definitely good stuff. It was in Joe's attic. In case you don't know Joe, he's a really great dude in Syracuse that started Moira Productions ( Joe has really nice roomates, too...
Adam, Justin.. and I think those are the only people that actually live here. In any case, we played some new songs that went well and some new songs that went no so well. During our last song, (which fyi was question inverted question) cops showed up. All the roomies got fines, and the show was over.
Good news is that now it's Saturday, and apparently, Saturdays over here are "Pancake Saturdays." Time for pancakes.
Oh yeah - also, the show in Buffalo tonight got written up in the Art Voice. Check out to download a 12MB file.

Thu 11/4/04 Rex's | 344 W. Gay St. | West Chester, PA
Chris's first show back. Captured! By Robots impressed the masses once again.

Fri 10/15/04 The Vaudeville Theater | 501 E. Armstrong St. | Philadelphia, PA
The Accidental Occurrence's CD release party. We've never really seen a venue like The Vaudeville Theater before. This was show number 2 out of 2 with Jonas drumming.

Wed 10/13/04 Acme Underground | 9 Great Jones St. | New York, NY
This was show number 1 out of 2 with Jonas drumming. We went with a van load of 7 people. This was a show for CMJ. The Spinto Band is awesome.

Fri 10/1/04 Sacred Grounds | Fallsington, PA

Sat 9/25/04 The WAG | Worcester, MA

Sun 9/20/04 Syracuse University | Syracuse, NY

Sat 9/18/04 Merlin's | Buffalo, NY

Mon 9/13/04 The Champion Ship | Lemoyne, PA

Sat 9/11/04 Alan's House | Williamstown, NJ

Wed 8/18/04 The Lower Paxton Youth Center | Harrisburg, PA

Sat 8/14/04 The Fire | 412 W. Girard Ave. | Philadelphia, PA
With Dr. Dog, The Teeth, National Eye

Fri 7/23/04 Club Vegetable | 95 E Cleveland Ave | Newark, DE
everybody needs to check out rescue the dead.

Wed 6/30/04 Velvet Lounge | 915 U. Street | Washington, DC
mike kept tour diary. bug him through email to type it up.

Tue 6/29/04 Nanci Raygun | 929 W. Grace St. | Richmond, VA
w/ The Rachel Nevada's
Had a day off, and stayed at Prabir's house. He took mike and Nat to a diner after Shelly and Chris went to sleep.
Woke up, killed some time in Richomd, then played the show. Other cool bands played. We got a lot of high-fives.

Sun 6/27/04 Ratward | 22 S. Mallory St. | Hampton, VA
w/ Laundry Room Squelchers, Palm Trees, Door, and Mini Band.
An all ages, free, DIY, experimental-noise/punk show. Really fun! Donations at the door, no one turned away due to lack of funds.
We got to Hampton really early today, so Nat walked into the ocean today.

Sat 6/26/04 Paddy O'Brien's/The Castle | Portsmouth, VA
bug mike.

Tue 6/22/04 Club Vegetable | 95 E Cleveland Ave | Newark, DE
bug mike.

Sat 6/19/04 Rileyville Grange | route 191 | Rileyville, PA
bug mike.

Fri 6/18/04 Access Community | Main St. | Buffalo, NY
bug mike.

Thu 6/17/04 Merlin's | Elmwood St. | Buffalo, NY
bug mike.

Sun 6/13/04 Bug Jar | 219 Monroe Ave. | Rochester, NY
w/ Vox Humana, Veluxe

Sat 6/12/04 The Elevens | Northampton, MA
bug mike.

Fri 6/11/04 The Willard Place | 138 S. Willard St. | Burlington, VT
bug mike.

Thu 6/10/04 Radio Bean | 8 N. Winooski Ave. | Burlington, VT
bug mike.

Wed 6/9/04 Northern Lights | 1208 Route 146 | Clifton Park, NY
bug mike.

Sun 6/6/04 Curly's Coffee | 131 Route 101A | Amherst, NH
bug mike.

Sat 6/5/04 house show | 1027 River Rd. | Marstons Mills, MA
bug mike.

Fri 6/4/04 The Space | 295 Treadwill Street (Building H) | Hamden, CT
bug mike.

Wed 5/26/04 University of Delaware | Pencader Commons | Newark, DE
The loudness of this show bothered some girl who was trying to study. She was bothering us while we were trying to play.

Thu 5/20/04Hollywood Bistro | 7400 Bustleton Ave. | Philadelphia, PA
We did not win the battle of the bands, but Joe came to see us, and that's all that matters.

Sat 5/15/04 The Sanctuary | 580 Main St. | Stroudsburg, PA
Apparently, this place normally hosts hundreds of kids.

Fri 5/14/04 Basementstock | 1311 Longmeadow Rd. | Boothwyn, PA
Bill is awesome.

Tue 4/27/04 Mitten Hall at the Owl Cove | Temple University | Philadelphia, PA
Battle of some bands: Super Imposed, Orphans, Jeff Says No, El Toro, Absolutely!, Mini Band, Desoto Jones, Fat City Reprise, Chromelodeon, The Emphasis, Trunk Full of Dead Bodies, Things Fall Apart, Dirty Larry. Look at this line-up!!!

Wed 4/21/04 The Fire | 412 W. Girard Ave. | Philadelphia, PA
Tub Ring headlined this one. Lots of kids at this show. And lots of crazy, crazy bands.

Mon 4/19/04 The 915 | 915 Devon Drive | Newark, DE
We met some really nice people from Massachusettes and Delaware.

Sat 4/17/04 Planet 505 | Syracuse, NY
The Spinto Band sure did rock the place and  bring out a whole lot of people.

Sat 4/3/04 The Barn Door | 9th and Tatnall | Wilmington, DE
Good time with Homeworld.

Thu 4/1/04 East End Cafe | 270 E. Main St. | Newark, DE
Excellent show. Witnessed Black Cheese for the first time. Jamie's a super nice guy, Damon seems insane, and Joe was very kind for letting us use his crazy bass amp.

Sat 3/27/04 Common Grounds | 3211 Washington Blvd. | Arlington, VA
Our first trip to DC. We drove by some monuments. We were on the highway. And we saw the monuments. We had an interesting time finding our way out of that damn town.

Fri 3/26/04 Rex's | 344 W. Gay St. | West Chester, PA
We watched a couple punk bands and then headlined. Bill and Phil couldn't wait to leave. Literally. We had fun, though.

Thu 3/18/04 The Balcony | 10th and Arch Sts. | Philadelphia, PA
Saw Fuck With the Bull, Get the Horns for the first time. Amazing music. Also got to see The Thinking Machines again, which was definitely a treat.

Sat 2/28/04 Merlin's | Elmwood St. | Buffalo, NY
Fun bar in Buffalo. The other bands played awesome music and consisted of super individuals. Everybody was so damn nice. One thing we noticed during our weekend in Buffalo was that people drive really slow. They walk slow, too. They don't seem interested in being in a hurry. Vic says it's a slow city.

Fri 2/27/04 Access Community | 3180 Main St. | Buffalo, NY
This was the second time we played here. It's a really cool DIY non-profit space.

Sat 2/21/04 Voodoo Skate Park | 66 Sixth St. | New Cumberland, PA
This place was a huge warehouse type place turned into a skate park. We were all very happy seeing this huge place go to good use. Music is awesome.

Fri 2/7/04 Mill Creek Tavern | 42nd & Chester Ave. | Philadelphia, PA
This show opened up with some sex-rock. Huh? Yeah. We had a great time playing our songs really well. This is one of the shows we all agreed went well. We all loved ourselves afterward, and agreed that it would be cool if it were secretly recorded. We also wanted someone to cook up some secret french fries.

Fri 2/6/04 Monroe Twp. Building | 1220 Boiling Springs Rd | Mechanicsburg, PA
There was a huge crowd before we started playing. By the third song, everybody craved chips and proceeded to the hallway. Three people remained standing. I gave them each a big mental hug.

Sat 1/24/04 The Fire | 412 Girard Ave. | Philadelphia, PA
This show got recorded. Quite a couple friends came to check it out. I was happy to see all faces, including our original Philly fans, Andrew and Cory, from Pattern is Movement. We played a'ite. Mics are a little scary. Especially when they're trying to prove how many little mistakes you make.

Thu 1/22/04 East End Cafe | 270 E. Main St. | Newark, DE
We were invited to play by rock legends, "Made" who are straight outta Newark. Interestingly, the new guitarist of "Made" is also our long-lost high school friend, Chris Cotter, who we were all pleasantly surprised to see. I remember high school.

Fri 1/16/04 Sacred Grounds | 9300 New Falls Rd. | Fallsington, PA
Truly an awesome show. People seemed to be into it, which makes us be into it. Sold out of Man...Box copies, and even sold some shirts. Much bigger turnout than we are used to. This place gets a major stamp of approval.


Fri 12/12/03 4w5 | 4 West 5th St. | Wilmington, DE
Still have yet to hear the Spinto Band - but thanks for the show. Played with friends 'The Teeth' who played all their awesome songs, plus an awesome cover of 'Happiness is a warm gun.' It was flabbergastable. Buffalo buddies Vox Humana played some of their music which is always impressively endearing. It's not easy to do such an awesome job playing mellow music that sounds so original.

Wed 11/26/03 The Barn Door  | 9th and Tatnall  | Wilmington, DE
We witnessed a very interesting version of Stucco Lobster Breadbox, including Evan, some drunk guy with a cowboy hat and a girl with a really good voice... excluding Jeff and Howard... oh, and also a very interesting version of Dennis (he just had surgery). You want our autographs now? Yeah.

Thu 11/13/03 Temple U. Owl Cove | 1913 N. Broad St. | Philadelphia, PA
Our friends Crack Actor opened up this one. Their drummer came home from school in Pittsburgh, actually. Quite impressive for some random Thursday show.

Sat 11/8/03 Rex's | 344 W Gay St. | West Chester, PA
Captured! by Robots. Captured! by fucking Robots. This man built some seriously amazing moving and talking robots that actually play instruments. You can really not believe this unless you see it. I like the horn section, and the ripping fast bass drum (when it happens). Egad.

Thu 10/30/03 The Fire | 412 Girard Ave. | Philadelphia, PA
We've played at the Fire quite a few times. I'm writing this months later, so I don't really remember all that... wait... oh yeah - we played really awesome that night.

Sat 10/25/03 Malokai's | 218 South St. | Philadelphia, PA
Almost as good as Brice's. Almost.

Fri 10/24/03 Brice's Basement | 725 Lowry St. | Indiana, PA
Awesome party. There was plenty of keg drinking. Friends DBI played also, so it was also chummy in a way. Mike learned that his cable bag is a miniature version of the DBI cable bag. A cute picture was taken.

Wed 10/15/03 Temple Ambler | 580 Meetinghouse Rd | Ambler, PA
A pleasant surprise at this show was the presence of Joe from Shelly's recording class. After the show, we were interviewed on Temple Ambler's radio station. Maybe you heard us. Mike forgot how to play Chubby Checker! Oh well.

Sat 10/11/03 The Barn Door | 9th and Tatnall | Wilmington, DE
As always, playing with Stucco Lobster Breadbox warrants an amusing and entertaining evening. PT Lovekraft was a spectacle to behold, and wow... fuckin' Red Rocket, man. Awesome.

Fri 10/10/03 Sacred Grounds | 9300 New Falls Rd. | Fallsington, PA
We played pretty well at this show and got a pretty good response from some of the kids. This is one of those places where kids can hang out and not listen to bands if they don't want to, but there were people there listening, and they dug it. We'll be back. 

Tue 10/7/03 Temple University | Bell Tower | Philadelphia, PA
Just like the last bell tower show... outside.

Thu 10/2/03  Doc Watson's | 216 S. 11th St. | Philadelphia, PA
A very peculiar line-up for this show, but all worked out great. Jonas said we played really well. We had lots of drink tickets, put up lots of stickers, and played lots of pool. 

Sat 9/26/03 Access Community | 3180 Main St. | Buffalo, NY
really fun show with vox humana (awesome music). buffalo and back in 24 hours. 15 of those hours in the van. a few seconds of the 15 hours in the van spent by mike mooning some teens that were holding up a sign that read "show me your boobs"

Tue 9/23/03 University of Delaware | 325 Academy St. | Newark, DE
Some crazy silly show where the crowd was definitely down for a live mini show. We have decided never to play "f-train" with the mini flying v again.

Sat 9/20/03 YWCA | 123 N. Church St. | West Chester, PA
Slight tuning delays, but the second half of the set turned out to be pretty decent. Anytime Brian Cotter is around, "moonshine" is dedicated to him.

Sat 9/13/03 East End Cafe | 270 E. Main St. | Newark, DE
The Elktones, Doublehorse, and other goodhearted people.

Sun 9/7/03 East End Cafe | 270 E. Main St. | Newark, DE
Tonight, we introduced "Comrad" and enjoyed the music of DBI and The Hokkaido Concern.

Fri 8/15/03  | The Fire | 412 Girard Ave. | Philadelphia, PA
Good fun. Nat played guitar on F-train. The Capitol Years and The Jealous Sound played after us. Fun show.

Tue 7/29/03 Summer Camp | Worcester, PA
Met lots of good people that enjoyed Mini Band. Maybe we'll be back next summer!

Sat 7/26/03 Plaid Fest | 1220 Boiling Springs Rd | Mechanicsburg, PA
A fun day out in Central PA. Lots of bands and lots of new friends.

Sat 7/19/03 Rex's | 344 W Gay St. | West Chester, PA
Good times, indeed!

Fri 7/11/03 Harmony Grange | 3201 Limestone Rd | Wilmington, DE
We played a couple new songs. Shelly broke a bass string for the first time.

Thu 6/19/03 Jonas's House | 2049 Carlisle St. | Philadelphia, PA
"Pre-party" for Carson's Machine's big battle of the bands at the hard rock.

Sun 6/8/03 The Khyber | 56 S. 2nd St. | Philadelphia, PA
Mad props to The Khyber for all those drink tickets. Mad props to Outsmarting Simon and I Dreamed of Pompeii for rockin' the house.

Sat 5/31/03 Fennario | 111 Church St. | West Chester, PA
We were joined by The Sounds and Alison Ranger, both of which were pretty damn good. We played some new stuff and shared some ice cream.

Fri 5/30/03 Basementpalooza | 1311 Longmeadow Rd. | Boothwyn, PA
This was an excellent evening in Bill's basement. 

Sun 5/25/03  The Fire | 412 Girard Ave. | Philadelphia, PA
Record release show with a barbeque, friends, two sets by Mini Band: ingredients for a delightful evening and a rockin' party.

Sat 5/24/03 Cafe Metropolis | Wilkes-Barre, PA  

Fri 5/23/03 Sacred Grounds | Fallsington, PA

Thu 5/22/03 The Why're | New Cumberland, PA
w/ 7/10 Split.
Stayed with the Thinking Machines. They pointed out Minute Men as an influence for our music. It's not wrong, and we're happy about that.

Wed 5/21/03 The Saloon | State College, PA
w/ Katsu.
Got some good napkin comics drawing done. Thanks to Gretchen for the place to crash.

Tue 5/20/03 Nick's Fat City | Pittsburgh, PA

Sat 5/17/03 Club Outcry | Erie, PA

Fri 5/16/03 American Music Cafe | Murrysville, PA  

Thu 5/15/03 The Funhouse | Bethlehem, PA
w/ The Teeth.
The Teeht rule! This show was super fun. A great Teeth set. A Mini Band set. And then, another amazing Teeth set -- including covers such as "Why Don't We Do it in the Road!"
Chris' math teacher bought us a round of drinks. Then we slept in a parking lot next to a cemetery.

Sun 5/4/03 University of Delaware  | Newark, DE
w/ Raccoon, and Not only is Tim really nice, his dances touch me where no one else has. A motley of pizza flavors was provided. Mike likes eggplant pizza. It was pretty funny having a dressing room.

Fri 5/2/03 East End Cafe | 270 E. Main St. | Newark, DE
Thank you to all the people who came out to see Mini Band. The turnout brightened my night.

Tue 4/29/03 Temple Ambler | 580 Meetinghouse Rd | Ambler, PA
This show went ridiculously well for a very small amount of people. Thank you, Jordan, for an excellent show.

Thu 4/24/03 Bard College | Annandale on Hudson, NY
"oh, look at the little drums. and the little guitar. and the little bass. and a little girl. with a little pony tail."

Sat 4/19/03 Birthday Party | Wilmington, DE
gerardo's + summer camp

Fri 4/18/03 Malokai's | 218 South St. | Philadelphia, PA
Thanks again for misunderstandings with Malokai's. All turned out well by the end of the night.

Fri 4/18/03 The Cosby | 408 W. Chestnut St. | West Chester, PA
This show went pretty well, and it was also broadcast on the WCU radio thanks to Evan Draper & friend. Great job to our pals, Raccoon and Rescue the Past.

Sun 4/13/03 Battle of the Bands | West Chester U | West Chester, PA
Mini Band placed 2nd. A very well executed battle if I do say so myself. Honorable mention to fellow winners Brad Trojan, and a bonus shout out to Dr. Dog who also put on one hell of a show. We had some veggie ribs and saw 3 Can Sam... all and all, an eventful day. SEE WHAT THE JUDGES SAID!

Fri 4/11/03 DE Music Festival | 113 Dickinson St. | Dewey Beach, DE
Dewey beach was never one of my favorite beaches to begin with. Thanks to our buds from My Wig Is On for stopping on in. 

Sat 3/29/03 Red Stallion | 307 W County Line Rd | Warminster, PA
This was an awesome show. We met some interesting people and danced to the soothing sounds of This Radiant Boy and Metroplex (both of which are comprised of the nicest gentlemen). Dominic made us some cheesefries as we played a couple rounds of pool. Thoroughly terrific.

Fri 3/28/03 Cherry Hill Club | 66th + Haverford | Philadelphia, PA
This is a very interesting venue with a very interesting range of genres being played by very interesting bands.

Thu 3/27/03 Ab's Birthday Party! | 2049 Carlisle St. | Philadelphia, PA
Ab's was a cool basement show that segued into a fucking awesome house party. Ab's deck overlooks the Texaco at Broad and Diamond. Jonas claims this is the most interesting location on campus. The argument was easily made.

Sun 3/16/03 The Fire | 412 Girard Ave. | Philadelphia, PA
It was a shame that Metroplex couldn't play, but lots of exciting rock was played by exciting bands.

Sat 3/15/03 Brass Monkey | 1601 Eastern Ave. | Baltimore, MD
The sound guy, Matt, was nice, and the sound in the club was up there. We all thought we played well, and fun was had by all. Afterwards, Danielle + Mini Band toured the inner harbor for pizza & lemonade. We came back just in time for NTB. Thanks, Baltimore, PA.

Fri 3/14/03 Scooter's | Marlton, NJ
I wish there was more to say about this show. It was kinda creepy. It was kinda cool.

Sat 3/8/03 La Tazza | 108 Chestnut St. | Philadelphia, PA
w/Bumrunner, and Calm in Sight.
The guy that hugged Shelly's dad a while back made an appearance at this show.

Sun 3/2/03 East End Cafe | 270 E. Main St. | Newark, DE
All around fun time and a great set by 3 Can Sam .

Thu 2/20/03 Bulldozers Saloon | 616 w Glenwood Av | Smyrna, DE
Jeremy Bell (of Stucco Lobster Breadbox ) wrote a review of the show. READ IT!

Thu 2/13/03 MMC @ The Why're | 216 Fourth St. | New Cumberland, PA
All around fun show. The Why're reminds me of someone's basement (not a bad thing, just a comment). Other bands were good, despite the fact that everyone kept breaking strings (including us).

Wed 2/5/03 Malokai's | 218 South St. | Philadelphia, PA
Miscommunication is dumb as hell. We showed up to the Khyber, and they were like "Mini Band? Nah, 218." So we went there and played. Sorry to anyone that went to the Khyber. However, a fun was had at Malokai's. They have nice signs now.

Tue 2/4/03 Temple U. Owl Cove | 1913 Broad St. | Philadelphia, PA
Played with some goofy bands. Overall fun. Oh yeah, and we sold one of those dumbass mini band mesh hats. Thanks Emily!

Fri 1/31/03 Harmony Grange | 3201 Limestone Rd | Wilmington, DE
There were 8 bands and 2 stages, so there was nonstop music for a few hours, and it was all sorts of fun. Mini Band whipped out some old songs, and we'll probably play them more often now. 

Thu 1/30/03 Froggy's Bar | 1036 Lafferty Lane | Dover, DE
People seemed to like it. Jonas is our new manager. oranges. On the way back, Chris hit a road sign with a beer bottle.

Tue 1/21/03 The Khyber | 56 S. 2nd St. | Philadelphia, PA
We ended up going on last, but it was a whole lotta fun.


Sun 12/22/02 The Fire | 412 Girard Ave. | Philadelphia, PA
Quite a fun event. If you weren't there, you missed a DAMN good set by Raccoon and an okay set by Mini Band.

Thu 12/12/02 Rowan University | 201 Mullica Hill Road | Glassboro, NJ
Interesting show at a college.

Fri 12/6/02 Harmony Grange | 3201 Limestone Rd | Wilmington, DE
We had all sorts of fun. Some guy asked us all to marry him. 

Sat 11/23/02 West Chester U. | West Chester, PA
This was a West Chester University "battle of the bands" where 15 bands competed to play at another "battle" in the spring with only 6 bands. Mini Band made it. Hellz yeah!

Thu 11/14/02 The Khyber | 56 S. 2nd St. | Philadelphia, PA
w/ Alphabet Army, The Cells, The Squalls. Great performances, great crowd, great whiskey sours!

Fri 11/8/02 The Fire | 412 Girard Ave. | Philadelphia, PA
w/ Groovie Ghoulies, Man Planet, Saxon Shore. We opened this show. Very fun!

Fri 11/1/02 Harmony Grange | 3201 Limestone Rd | Wilmington, DE
This show was excellent. It was good to see Critter again. Haven't seen those guys since the 3 Can Sam record release party. 

Sat 10/28/02 Andy, Bob & Marshall's house | Indiana, PA
We all went to Indiana to visit Laura, brought our equipment, went to these guys' house, and played 5 songs for 5 people. Good deal. 

Sun 10/13/02 The Fire | 412 Girard Ave. | Philadelphia, PA
w/ Alphabet Army, Raccoon, 3 Can Sam. Thanks to everyone for coming out and actually staying for more than one band.

Tue 10/8/02 Temple University | The Bell Tower | Philadelphia, PA
Rocked the socks off of those pedestrians. 

Fri 9/27/02 Malokai's | 218 South St. | Philadelphia, PA
This was our first show with our pals Alphabet Army . We went on first, and rocked the hizouse. Alphabet Army went on later, and they too rocked the hizouse.

Fri 9/20/02 The Fire | 412 Girard Ave. | Philadelphia, PA
This show went great. A couple people really liked us. We didn't get any cake, but there's always next time.

Wed 8/28/02 Ulana's | 205 Bainbridge St. | Philadelphia, PA
 Punk Bread: no reason not to put on a big plastic smile
SodaShelly: ok
SodaShelly: that's what I'll put then

Sat 8/24/02 The Fire | 412 Girard Ave. | Philadelphia, PA
Extremely good show. Lots of fun people in the audience. We debuted some stupid hats, and Shelly's dad got a big hug from an enthusiastic music fan.

Thu 8/22/02 summer camp | Lebanon, NJ
We played "NAUGHTYPOLOOZA" at a summer camp in New Jersey. It was a neat experience. Ryan is definitely our #1 fan. We were offered a free meal at the mess hall.

Sat 8/17/02 The Barn Door  | 9th and Tatnall  | Wilmington, DE
We played with Stucco Lobster Breadbox, and The Capitol Years. We also have a live recording of our set. This show was VERY fun!

Thu 8/15/02 The Khyber | 56 S. 2nd St. | Philadelphia, PA
God The Band played, and that was seriously amazing. Nice guys, excellent live. My Morning Jacket was added last minute. They are very very good.

Fri 8/2/02 Club 218 | 218 South St. | Philadelphia, PA
A good amount of people came out to see us, including some people we recruited from record stores right before the show. We went on around 11:15, and there was traffic on 95, so Mike didn't get to work till 1:20. Work starts at 12. Yikes.

Thu 7/25/02 La Tazza 108 | 108 Chestnut St. | Philadelphia, PA
We opened up this show, we did a decent job, and all the other bands were pretty damn good.

Wed 7/24/02 Alan's house | 1619 Herbert Blvd. | Williamstown, NJ
Thanks to Steve from Squeeze Point for getting us this show. Also, a band named Sometime in April played, and I liked them. New Jersey's pretty dumb and all, but this kid's house is cool, and the people were all nice. 

Fri 7/19/02 Funrama | 41st & Baltimore Ave. | Philadelphia, PA
I had fun, but Raccoon & Bradford Trojan + The Traffic Jam had to cut their sets short, and that blew. Oh well - no more shows at Funrama.

Thu 7/18/02 East End Cafe | 270 E. Main St. | Newark, DE
This show was lots of fun. Dude, Raccoon  and Bradford Trojan + The Traffic Jam are just so freakin' nice. It'll be fun tomorrow.

Tue 7/2/02 Khyber | 56 S. 2nd St. | Philadelphia, PA
$20, 10 drink tickets, $10 in sales, and a lot of fun. That's what we got out of this show.

Sun 6/30/02 The Fire | 412 W Girard Ave | Philadelphia, PA
We played with some really nice peeps. Those peeps: The Blue Hour , Creature Comforts (from Kansas, I believe), and Lewis (from TX).

Fri 6/28/02 First Union Center | 3601 S. Broad St. | Philadelphia, PA
The 2nd power inverter show - opened for Britney Spears. A couple people actually watched. Probably the last power inverter show. Time to get a van.

Fri 6/7/02 Ulana's | 205 Bainbridge St. | Philadelphia, PA
We think this show went well. We were the last band and also the band that fit in the least. But, we did our thing, and some people stayed, even though it got pretty late. We got another show at La Tazza 108 thanks to Stepping Stone Productions (the folks who set this show up). Good deal.

Fri 5/24/02 Dickinson H.S. | 1801 Milltown Rd. | Wilmington, DE

Sat 5/11/02 Concord Cafe | 893 Concord Rd. | Aston, PA
We ended up going on around 11:45, after Breaking Pangaea and Short Side , and those guys from the Incubus concert showed up! One of the guys got up and sang random words along to "Question Inverted Question." It was fun. 

Sat 5/11/02 First Union Spectrum | 3601 S Broad St. | Philadelphia, PA 
The first official power inverter show. We opened for Incubus. It went quite well. People were drinking, doing nitrous, and requesting encores. We met some peeps who lived in Aston, and we told them to go to the show at the Concord Cafe later.

Fri 5/3/02 Gerardo's Tavern | 52 E. 10th St. | Marcus Hook, PA
We're on good terms with these guys.

Fri 4/19/02 Concord Cafe | 893 Concord Rd | Aston, PA
This show was fun as hell. 

Fri 4/5/02 Coatesville H.S. | Coatesville, PA
Battle OF THE Bands! Holy Shit! "Hi We're Crooked Society." "HAHA."

Sat 3/30/02 Alison Ranger House | 1110 Cotswold Ln | West Chester, PA
We played. Then we watched Midiron Blast Shaft (goofy mofos) and Unleash The Bastards. Then we left.

Tue 3/19/02 Doc Watson's Pub | 215 S. 11th St. | Philly, PA
We were the "featured band" or something at this open mic. night. It was a'ite.

Fri 1/11/02 American Legion | Kennett Square, PA
Good turnout. Introduced Shelly on bass for "Chubby Checker" and "Question Inverted Question." Played "The Bees Are Coming."


Sun 12/23/01 East End Cafe | Newark, DE
We played sardines in the Big Kmart in Newark. It was fun, and I personally recommend it. Then we went to the East End Cafe, and played for about a half hour.

Thu 11/1/01 Fennario | West Chester, PA
Another free show with popular morons Three Can Sam. 

Fri 10/26/01 American Legion | Kennett Square, PA
Mini Band played with bands such as Alison Ranger, Three Can Sam, etc. Shelly set off a bottle rocket in the Legion's mailbox.

Sat 10/20/01 Fennario | West Chester, PA
This was a free show we played with Three Can Sam.

Fri 8/17/01 American Legion | Kennett Square, PA
Another Legion show. Our friends, Mah Oidar, made another Kennett appearance. 

7/20/01 American Legion | Kennett Square, PA
Last show of the Dork Tour. 9 bands. $6 or $4 with a canned good or a good can. Mini Band goes on at about 7. We're selling shirts for $3.

Mon 7/9/01 Gallucio's | 1709 Loverly St. | Wilmington, DE

6/24/01 UCC | Newark, DE
Mini Band opened up this show.  

1/12/01 American Legion | Kennett Square, PA
Mini Band played with the likes of bands such as Raccoon, Ear Candy, and some others.


12/30/00 Cold Fuckin' Barn | Nottingham, PA
We played in a really cold fuckin' barn. Other bands that played include Ear Candy, Raccoon, Dr. Dog, and some band called Beard that played a song I like that posed questions such as, "What day is this?" and "What color is this?"

12/22/00 American Legion | Kennett Square, PA
Mini Band played its first show after the reunion. We played between bands while people were busy tearing down and setting up their equipment.

8/15/00 Ian Collin's house
Mini Band's first public show and practice. After the show, we broke up, but reformed in December of the same year.