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Burn Your Maps / Wander Around

release - 2005

Burn Your Maps and Wander Around was released on a two CD set and packaged as a double EP. The first disc (Burn Your Maps) featured two old Mini Band live staples (Question Inverted Question, and Moonshine), two new live favorites (Comrade, Blood Bothers), and three previously unheard tracks (Down the Tubes, Everything You Know Is Now At This Rate, Necktie or a Noose). Recorded/mixed in Lansdale, PA by Matt Buckley. Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music.

The second Disc (Wander Around) included six rough acoustic tracks never heard before. Recorded, mixed and Mastered by Mini Band at The Cosby with Nat's recording stuff.

Man... Box

release - 2003

Man You Know Your Shit's All Fucked When You're Trapped Inside A Box was Mini Band's Second full length CD. It was affectionately referred to as Man... Box. This was the first recorded appearance of Shelly on bass. Man... Box was recorded very cheaply in the middle of the night at Maja Studios in Philadelphia by Carl Sexton.

Low Tide

release - 2001

Low Tide Mini Band's first full length record. Recorded in a Coatsville, PA basement on an old reel to reel machine by Doug Clark. This record was recorded with the idea of testing the boundaries of their first set of miniature instruments. Being goofy was most certainly a goal.